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Hevie Enhancement System

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Hevie Enhancement System includes: Hevie Compressor, 1-Hevie Enhancement Black , 1-Hevie Enhancement Brown, Hevie Stencil, Hevie Enhancement Brush, and Hevie Dummy Rag

Every Hevie Compressor is warranted for 6 months after date of purchase 

On a full Charge the Hevie Compressor will running all day long! Be sure to charge it between clients to maintain all applications at optimal performance!

Hevie Enhancement System provides the full package to deliver the best product your clients will appreciate. This system was designed by a Barber for Barbers! The Hevie Compressor’s adjustable PSI really provides the most natural look when paired with Hevie Enhancement Colors! Finally the Hevie Stencil brings the service full circle ensuring less over spray and a clear consistent application that your clients will love! The Hevie stencil is made of a special plastic composite that makes it easy to clean and ready for the next service, use the Hevie Enhancement Brush to smooth out the beard and other areas as well. The Hevie Enhancement Systems comes complete and ready to put you in position to take your service to the next level.

🚨🚨🚨🚨Q-tipping the front to clear any build up plus keeping the enhancement tank cap hole clear is also vital to ensure proper airflow for application. 🚨🚨🚨🚨

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to checkout our videos on how to clean and maintain your equipment for flawless execution one client at a time, for a long time!!!!!

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