Hevie Boricua Butter

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Boricua Butter is 100% white, raw Shea Butter imported from Africa. It is whipped down to a butter cream that has the most amazing, undeniable feel and fragrance. Boricua Butter is a 3 in 1 product that not only sheens and conditions hair and beards, but also serves as a full body butter. It can quickly heal and soothe dry skin, relieving itching and scaling caused by various skin conditions. Unlike other butters, Boricua Butter is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog pores resulting in acne, breakouts, or inflammation. In addition, due to the high contents of vitamin E found in white raw shea butter it can also serve as a natural sunblock.
Can also be used for:
⁃ Pain relief
⁃ Muscle relaxation
⁃ Dark spots / skin discoloration
⁃ Stretch marks
⁃ Wrinkles
⁃ Blemishes
⁃ Diaper rash
⁃ Hair conditioner
⁃ Body massages

barbers are retailing the Boricua Butter anywhere from 20-25 USD,  $80.00-$140.00 dollar profit margin on each case sold. Because barbers are using Boricua Butter to sheen the hair and beard they are also saving money on product because they are using a product they sell. most barbers that use product found at a beauty supply realize that if the clients wants that product to take home they have to drive that business elsewhere!!! NOT ANYMORE, START BUILDING YOUR SERVES TICKETS AND INCREASING YOUR INCOME!!!!



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