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Boricua Butter

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DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU BUY OUR WHOLESALE PACK 10 Cans for 100 and sell each to your client for 20 or even 25! We have proven this product across the country and Barbers agree the clients love this product for all the reasons described below!

Our Hevie Boricua Butter is a whipped butter cream that not only sheens and conditions hair & beards, it can be used as a full body butter. With high quality raw shea butter imported from Africa, it will quickly soothe and heal dry skin, relieve itching, and moisturize your skin to a smooth, silky state. Unlike other butters, Boricua Butter is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog pores, resulting in acne, breakouts, or inflammation. Additionally, the high contents of vitamin E mean it can serve as a natural sunblock. It can be used for a large number of other things: dark spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes, rashes, and even as a hair conditioner. Hevie has a unique neutral smell that can be used for both men and women. The natural ingredients truly make this product one-of-a-kind in a market where natural products seem to be far and few between.


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